Manage your jewelry eCommerce business from one place,
grow your sales, and reduce manual labor, easily.

  • Grow your jewelry eCommerce business
  • Manage product listings and inventory across marketplaces
  • Optimize and streamline your online presence:
    websites, marketplaces & social
  • Free up 80% of your time to focus on creativity and growth
Valigara: The Leading Jewelry eCommerce Management Platform
All-in-One Software for Jewelry Businesses
Use any or all features, as your need: inventory management, product information management (PIM) and enhancement, multi-channel listing, online marketing tools and analysis, orders management, fulfillment, logistics, client management and retention.
Multi-Channel Listing and Sales
Make your online presence shine across your website and all leading marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Bonanza, Rapnet, Walmart, Sears, and more! Already on eBay? We can help you expand to the rest. Valigara supports and scales with your growth, from new business to enterprise.
Manage Inventory Automatically
Keep track of your jewelry and diamonds inventory online, wherever they are: warehouses, distributors, Amazon, or your physical shop. Your inventory will be managed for you, synchronized across all of your channels. As soon as someone buys a piece of jewelry on one marketplace, the stock for that item will automatically be reduced from other outlets (this is especially important for "one of a kind" items). You can also instantly create virtual inventory items that neve run out of stock.
Easy Optimization and Automation
Valigara works its magic automatically, so you don't have to work that hard. Valigara turns product information into a classy website, populates and updates all marketplaces in seconds, optimizes product listings to each marketplace, adds banners and applies promotions to many product images at a click, and more!
Built-in Integration with all Marketplaces & Platforms
Valigara is integrated with all major marketplaces, ERP platforms, marketing and eCommerce platforms (e.g. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, and more), delivery and logistics platforms and carriers (FBA, FedEx, efulfillment, and more), and Social Networks. We'd set you up once, and they'd all work in harmony!
Want to see some Valigara magic?
Top Online Jewelry Sellers Trust Us with their Business
We're proud to serve the world's leading online jewelry sellers:
Our customers would love to tell you how Valigara grew their business and simplified their work:
It's not that costly to grow your sales.
Opening a jewelry shop on Etsy or Amazon might be simple and costless, but growing sales takes an investment. As you might have experiences, most investment is of your time, not money.

Valigara's pricing is simple: a setup fee will be charged for the onboarding process, depending on your product portfolio and ecommerce status upon enrollment (to be discussed at our demo call), and then you'll be charged a cost-effective monthly fee:
Start Your Online Jewlery Business Easily
  • Up to 500 items
  • Single Channel
  • Single Store
  • Jewelry business tools
Big League Package for Large Jewelry & Diamond Businesses
  • Up to 5,000 items
  • 5 Channels
  • 5 Stores
  • Multiple Admins (5)
  • Phone Support
  • Jewelry business tools
All packages include:
  • All features of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager, our SaaS platform
  • Dedicated online support and growth tips from our Jewelry eCommerce professionals
  • Your very own automatically-populated Jewelry eCommerce website (if you need one)
Sell More, Work Less!
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